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I love reading about your sewing projects! Your awning project looks like a perfect project for me. We just also purchased a ShadeTree awning How do you like yours? How is it holding up in the winds? Thanks, Linda

Gary & Marianne

Hi there, Linda!

Thanks for your nice comments. About the ShadeTree: we like it a lot & it's held up well - haven't had to repair or replace anything yet, it's been over 2 years now in the hot sun. We take it down when the wind picks up over 25knots - it stays in place but gets noisy & we get concerned about (1) excessive chafe on the fiberglass rods where they meet our wire lifelines; (2) at 25 knots it creates a lot of windage at anchor; and (3) in Mexico, if it's blowing 25 knots the chances are good that it'll soon be blowing harder.

A dock mate who's lived long term in Mazatlan told us, however, that after 5 yrs. of his continuous 24/7 use during the summer the threads disintegrated & the panels fell apart. He's a single guy, tho, running his own business, so I think he might have overlooked preventive measures people like you & I would have taken. So: occasionally inspect your seams & webbing, & you'll likely double the life expectancy of your ShadeTree.

P.S. The first couple of times you put up your ShadeTree might be difficult & time-consuming. No fear; each time gets easier!

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