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I've been waiting patiently for this blog post. (tap tap tap) Was pretty excited to hear what you were doing as we are also wrapping up our mini-refit.

Funny - while we're up here in Port Townsend (long story) we had our sails surveyed by Hasse and Co. They were not impressed with the cut of our roller furling staysail - it's too narrow at the head to be a working staysail - and suggested we maybe replace it with a hank-on storm staysail. We told them a very similar story of how we use it and the purpose our staysail serves.

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Bless Carol's heart, she's a real traditionalist. Our broker, Judy Naismith, had told us when we first bought The Fox that a roller-furling inner forestay would be more useful to us. Problem was, we had to sail a while to find out that was actually going to be the case!

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