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GB says: Writing a biography is hard. Like - where do you come from, who are you, and the like. Is your education important - who really cares?

Anyway - at age 43 I decided that I had always wanted to be a sailor. So, with the helpful cooperation of my loving spouse MS, we bought a boat. We decided we liked it, so we bought a bigger boat. Then we decided to go whole hog, sell everything, and move on the boat. That was March 23, 2003. Sailing around in circles in Puget Sound does not count. Other activities have included 20 years of martial arts practice - one black and two brown belts, graduate school and a 21 year career at HUD. We sailed away from home port on January 28, 2007, we lived aboard and cruised 11 different countries in 20+ years. And that is what this blog is all about.....


MS: travel, outdoor life, seashells, birding, puzzles, boat-canvas sewing, out of practice in 4 different martial arts styles.