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A few photos to show Gallant Fox and crew on the water; as well as a few close-ups of certain features and equipment.


Stamoid bimini is fully deployed in this view. Upper level of stern arch features retractable dinghy davits. Bottom left of photo shows the stainless steel frame for the stern anchor, which lowers and extends astern to clear the swim step. Lower right of photo shows mount for propane barbecue -- a must for any cruising boat.


Gallant Fox's stainless steel stern arch, and the Stamoid dodger and bimini, were fabricated and installed in Mazatlan in January 2016. We've found that Stamoid is far more durable and easier to clean, especially in tropical climates, that Sunbrella.


Having just raised anchor, we have the new dinghy with dinghy chaps secured on its davits and against the stern rail. Kayaks like the ones shown here can be similarly secured in their mounts and against the lifeline posts. Shown at the forward mast is the spinnaker pole. Just below the lower spreaders is the Firdell Blipper, the radar reflector that other vessels tell us makes a large and clear signal on their radar.


See that inner forestay? Once we switched from a hank-on inner forestay to a permanent mount with a roller-furler and staysail, we started using it ALL the time, not just in sporty weather. We sometimes deploy it even before raising the mainsail. We've found that using the inner forestay/staysail adds a minimum of a quarter-knot to our SOG, and while motor-sailing can better stabilize the boat in certain conditions than the mainsail alone. It's a great cruising combination.

The Fox at Cazador anchorage  Isla San Jose

The Cazador anchorage is another convenient spot in the Sea of Cortez. There is excellent beachcombing and hiking on shore, and good holding and shelter from northerly winds. It's calm in this photo, but we've safely spent 8 days at anchor here in 30-knot north winds with nary a problem.


One more time at anchor in the sheltered inner cover of Agua Verde. So much to do there - fishing, snorkeling, beachcombing, hiking...

The cockpit's Stamoid dodger and bimini are fully deployed for maximum sun protection and comfort.

GB ashore in Caleta San Juanico

A typical cruising day in the Sea of Cortez. This shows our former dinghy with dinghy wheels deployed; in 2017 we replaced the dinghy shown with a new one that is smaller and more maneuverable. The new dinghy and the outboard motor shown in the photo are included in Gallant Fox's sale price.

6 - The Fox  MSC  splashing 11-14-2016

Gallant Fox is starting the 2016-2017 Mexico cruising season in San Carlos, by getting transported on a flatbed trailer with hydraulic lifts from Marina Seca (dry storage) to the water. In this view The Fox is being guided backwards, past Marina San Carlos's office, toward the launch ramp out of view several meters to the left.

The configuration of the stern arch with solar panels, and the pristine hull, can be easily seen.

Agua Verde before a cold front  12-7-2016 view 5

Gallant Fox is at anchor in the popular cruising destination of Agua Verde in the Sea of Cortez. The Fox is the left-most boat in this view; the one with the orange kayak on the port side rail.


Approaching an anchorage. The stem-mounted anchor keeps the foredeck clear and improves ease of anchoring. In this photo you can see the hatch to the spacious chain locker up and open and secured against the starboard bow's lifeline. The anchor windlass is mounted inside the chain locker above the anchor chain, and stays well protected from the elements.

03-13-2017 Marina Seca San Carlos 8 stbd lightning-strike ground plate

View of starboard hull, looking toward keel and aft-wards. This is the ground plate we installed in 2011 as a countermeasure against lightning strikes. No; the plate does not prevent lightning strikes; it is intended to direct a lightning bolt's electrical current into the water and away from critical metallic items like thru-hulls. Haven't been hit by lightning since installation, FWIW.

Also observe how clean the hull and hull paint are.

03-13-2017 Marina Seca San Carlos 10 radar and solar  covered

A close-up view of the top of the stainless steel stern arch, showing protective Sunbrella covers on radar dome and solar panels. Tie-downs on the Sunbrella have held fast even in the wind and rain of tropical storms.