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Terence Sims

Bad luck - this from the internet:

Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle The Jack Crevalle (Caranx hippos) or common jackfish of inshore waters can attain weights of over 40 pounds. It has dark red meat and is not considered to be very edible. It is most prized as a hard fighting game fish. Believe me when I tell you, when you’ve battled a beast like a Jack to the boat, you know you’ve been in a fight. Typically, fish over thirty pounds will still be pulling hard at the end of an hour. And forget about them laying over on their side and giving up. Surrender is not a word used in a big Jack's vocabulary.

Jacks are experts at cornering baitfish and then relentlessly hammering them, which produces a sight that resembles nothing else. Next time you see mullet scattering to the four winds and the water literally boiling from underneath them, chances are good that a Jack is to blame. Crevalle are voracious scavengers that will often follow shrimp boats around looking for an easy meal. Jacks are also suckers for a good chum-line. If your in a mode for keeping your rod bent, your arms tired and your reel smoking; the Jack Crevalle is just the ticket.


Jack Crevalle are similar to most other jacks and trevallys in being heavily bodied, with steeply rounded heads. They are generally silver to dark gray above, with silver sides, and are covered in assorted black spots with a large black spot or patch on its upper gill cover. They may or may not have an additional dark spot on the pectoral fin. Average size is 5-10 pounds with fish between 15-20 pounds being considered large. The IGFA All-Tackle record is 39 pounds.
Their reputation for being very gamy precedes them. In fact, they are probably the worst eating fish around.
check out more fish found in the costalegre area.


Patricio - you are totally spot-on. But the dude GB hooked? Fought so hard we never got to examine his fine points. Black spots? Ermm - no; GB was fighting to STAY ON BOARD. These Jack Crevalles are Street, man. They will take you into the water, and then they will cut you, man. For reals. They ain't playin'.

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