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Daniel Taylor

hola! we are a year behind you. love you stories, and have a question. when it all distills .. how is the Mexican experience? really? past the hype, the first thrills .. how do you rate it? Debbie and I have spent a good amount of time in Mexico. we are concerned with many of the comments that keep rising to the surface. we are thinking of going direct to Hawaii or direct to the Marquesas. it's a cruising thing I guess .. all we hear about are stories that are so contrary to why we are setting off cruising. we love Mexico, but perhaps there are reasons to just continue on to the South Pacific. comments GB&M?

we did see you at the hot springs and wanted to say hello. but that whole internet thing .. well, we weren't sure how you would react to us stopping by with a bottle of red.

dan & debbie taylor
s/v Sequel (HR42)


Hey, Dan - just got some Internet connectivity in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

For us, the Mexican exerience has been great - both in the boat and for inland excursions, which I'd encourage every boater to find time to do. Generally GB and I have been underimpressed with the ports and anchorages pushed so hard by the big guide books and - dare I say - Latitude 38 and 48 North. There are much more pleasant places in Pacific Baja, for example, than Turtle Bay and Santa Maria and Cabo San Lucas. I'd advise people to go very slowly, take your time, learn a few basic Spanish phrases, and go into the places the big cruising rallies pass by - you can get fuel, haircuts, laundry, food - and a better "Mexican" experience (if there is such a thing) in smaller places along Pacific Baja like Bahia de San Hipolito or Punta Pequena than you can by hitting the cruisers' guides' equivalent of London, Paris and Rome. OF course, that's just us. If you're the type of person who likes urban experiences like sports bars and other night life, you'll love Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. For us, we had a far better, more "Mexican" experience in places like Matanchen Bay on the mainland side of Pacific Mexico, or the anchorage at Los Frailes after bypassing Cabo San Lucas, or taking a bus to Guadalajara. To each his own - or as the Mexican saying goes, "cada chango a su mecate" ("to each ape his vine").

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