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Daniel Taylor

perfect! very informative. thank you for taking the efforts to publish your observations. it really helps those of us in your wake.


Daniel Taylor

Talisman is our neighbour, by the way.

Daniel Taylor

thank you so much for the email and recommendation for the Fagor. it has just been ordered. we got the Futuro version because it has the short-handles, and am anxious to put it to use.

your blog is very informative and perfect for those that are right behind you. I don't mean to sound like a broken-record, but listening to those before us really helps!

bodacious winds ...

dan & deb
s/v Sequel (HR42)
currently anchored in Ganges, off Saltspring Island, B.C. Canada


Love all the great info and your hilarious writing style. Just starting to outfit our new boat for longterm cruising in the med & i'm thrilled to have found your blog!

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