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Cyntha Johnson

I'm with you...I just can't get into cooking/prepping food much here in Guaymas. I think I miss the foods I really like (I still haven't found brown rice and forget about any of the veggie/vegan goodies I could easily find in Seattle) and it is just too HOT anyway - we haven't even turned our oven pilot on in the 2 months we've been here. Luckily, Mike has stepped up to the proverbial plate and he makes sure there is something to eat everyday!


Yes, Cynthia, it IS hot here. I still use the cooktop & one evening I went nuts & used the oven - but lordy, it takes forever for the boat to cool back down. Best thing is to use a Crock-Pot or a pressure cooker for rice, beans & whatnot. You might have to go to the Comercial Mexicana/Mega over San Carlos way for brown rice...the 2 things I really miss down here in MX, are fat-free cottage cheese & fat-free, sugar-free yogurt. The cottage cheese & yogurt I've seen everywhere in MX, is full-fat and/or sweetened. Meh - maybe that'll change soon & when it does, I'm stocking up!

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