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Mike & Liz

So sorry about Mom. Convey our regrets and say "Hi" to Marianne when she returns.

May you have many more happy days sailing.

The crew of the Argonaut.
Mike & Liz
Whangarei, NZ

Gary & Marianne

Mike, Liz - thanks. We've been thinking of you & we're glad you're Down Under seeing everything there is to see. You have a lot of ocean miles under your keel now, and we hope NZ is treating you well. We'll be looking for your updates on YOTREPS once you're underway again.

daniel taylor

g & m, I am incensed by the treatment afforded you on cs-bb. I know, welcome to the forum-world, and who would know this better than I? still .. I have been feeling exactly as you do, and it is hampering my decision to head south this year. can you send me the original article posted to Latitude 38?

all the best ...

daniel taylor
s/v Sequel
Friday Harbor, Wa.

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