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Been following you guys for a while. I was on a moorings boat in La Paz Dec 26th. Sorry I missed you guys.

How's the dental care down there? Is it cheaper than the US? I need substantial dental work done and have been thinking of going out of the US to get it done. Any thoughts on that?


Hi Ben - sorry for the late reply, but Internet access is difficult to come by at anchor. Anyway, GB & I have both had dental treatment in Mexico, in both Mazatlan and La Paz, and we've been very happy with the results. We had straightforward, high-quality dental exams/cleanings in Maz that cost 500 pesos each (about US $38). Later, GB had to have the same dentist replace a bad filling with a crown (4000 pesos, about US $308), but had to follow that up with a root canal (2000 pesos, about US $154); and 3 wks. later in La Paz he had to have a peridontal infection under the root canal dealt with (total 3 visits including deep-root cleaning: 1400 pesos, about US $108). Two states, two good dentists, high-quality work, both of them spoke English well.

I'd suggest finding an expat or several, in whatever Mexican city you want to visit for the duration of the treatment(s) you have in mind. Ask for the name of a good dentist with whom the expat has experience - instead of trying to take one of those package-deal "medical tours" that are sometimes advertised. I'd also pick a city you'd otherwise want to visit - like Mazatlan, Guanajuato, etc. - somewhere that has museums, concerts, etc. because you'd have to stay a while. Practically every place has apartments or bungalows for rent, likely with discounts for a stay of 1-2 months. You could even go online to Trip Advisor and ask the forums in your target Mexican city for more info & recommendations. Good luck!


hi i did a search for root canal & lapaz & found your blog- who did you see in lapaz? & would you reccommend them? i`m planning to go down in a few weeks(it`s not an emergency yet) thanks don thompson friday harbor, wa


Hey there, Don - thanks for finding our blog! Gary saw Dr. Martha Lorena Estrada, in La Paz at Altamirano 222 between Bravo & Ocampo; local tel. = 125-5304. The whole office speaks English & gringos will find their office very comfortable. Gary got good results.

For other dentists & general services in La Paz, check out the Club Cruceros website & their "services" page at: http://www.clubcruceros.org.

Hope this helps!
Marianne & Gary

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