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Terence Sims

Fascinating - thank you.

Just found this quote which I think appropriate:

"They went forth to behold the high mountains and the mighty surge of the sea, and the broad stretches of the rivers and the inexhaustible ocean, and the paths of the stars … and in so doing lost themselves in wonderment".
(The Confessions of St Augustine).

Alex Nemeth

Hi guys. Found your site last year when I purchased "Kukka" a Malo 39 from Kazemasu Tada. The boat was in Bundaberg Australia and we have had a wonderful year with her so far. About to depart Sydney for New Caledonia in mid to late May. Congratulations on your very informative site. Diana, my beloved, has started a blog as well....we are very new to all [email protected] sailing! will try to touch base when my joblist shrinks to manageable proportions.

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