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Boat Repair

Were most of your boat repairs done on engines? Or did you have to fix some structural damage as well?

Tim Hargis

I bet it was a little bit concerning though when you were in the heavy chop. That's a legitimate problem, not just something like your air conditionor broke during the middle of summer and now you're uncomfortable.


Hey there guys - sorry I'm late to reply. No, Boat Repair; no structural damage - the repairs have all been fixing worn out or failed parts/canvas; or correcting user error (ahem). That's pretty much been the case for 9 years of cruising.

And yes, Tim; we always worry when GB has to dive into the engine compartment when the seas are up-because of course that's always when things fall apart! Our usual strategy is to make sure we're aiming offshore and downwind when things go wrong so at least it's a bit more comfortable for Mr. Mechanic. So far it's worked out fine for us & The Fox.


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