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David McW

I'm actually about to be in your neck of the woods! I got a gig playing on a cruise ship starting in early March, and I meet the boat in Colon (can't figure out how to add the accent mark).

It's a pretty long gig, but if you need an extra crewmember for a little while starting sometime after September, let me know!


WOOT!That's great, David - hope you negotiated free buffet food as part of the gig - we hear the cruise-ship cuisine is pretty lavish. By the time you board the ship in Colon, we may actually BE THERE OR NEARBY - close enough, that if we find a way to sneak aboard your cruise ship, we'll masquerade as a couple of chubby middle-aged white people who only want to hear "Margaritaville"...WE WILL BE IN TOUCH.

The Mumf (aka Ken Mumford)

Ahoy SV Gallant Fox,
I am a SF bay area sailor and pilot who will be in Panama Mar 29 thru April 1 looking for someone in need of line handlers for a transit. My copilot and I would love to crew for a sailboat in transit if you happen to know if anyone or how I can contact someone in need. Thanks and Fair winds...


Hi Ken - we just bounced in to Isla Linton anchorage on the Caribbean side of Panama & caught up w/yer email.

Line handling? Off the top of my head, I'd suggest contacting the folks at Shelter Bay Marina (on the Colon side), www.shelterbaymarina.com, email = info@shelterbaymarina.com; and/or the Balboa Yacht Club or the La Playita Marina (on the Balboa side) - sorry, you'll have to Google their websites & email. Any one or all of them might be able to connect you with someone who's transiting. You could also try looking up two Yahoo groups - the Cruisers' Network Online (Caribbean side) & the Southbound Group (Pacific side) - follow the online instructions for joining, & then post a message about line handling. If none of that works & you're in the Canal area anyway from 3/29 on, swing by the Balboa Yacht Club in Balboa/Panama City, introduce yourself to the marina manager,& ask to post your notice on their bulletin boards. You could do the same thing at Shelter Bay Marina if you happen to be on the Colon side.

Hope this helps - it's truly the experience of a lifetime, to go thru the Canal on a small boat!

Kind regards,


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