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boat repair

Wow. You mean boats with this type of structural imperfections are actually sold to the public? Don’t they need to pass safety tests and such? This is worrying news indeed.


Just like fixer-upper houses are sold "as is," sometimes to people with neither the skills nor the inclination to fix 'em up, so derelict boats are sold "as is" to people with neither the skills nor the inclination to make them seaworthy. Other times, the boats start out in good shape but deteriorate rapidly from neglect. Costs money to repair a boat, especially in Central America where most parts must be imported. And many of the backpacker boats we saw couldn't care less about repairs -- until their backpacker revenue stream dries up.

Mark Brown

Traveling the world by foot and by boat sounds like a lot of fun. However, due to the unpredictability of overseas travel, tourists must take necessary precautions to ensure their safety during expeditions.


Very true, Mark. Americans in particular tend to forget that there's little to no consumer safety/protection in many other countries. And for sure there's no tort law- Americans seems to believe that if anything goes wrong on their international trip, they'll just sue. Haaaa.

But, that's part of what makes international travel an adventure: becoming informed of the risks, and then choosing which of those risks you want to take. Volcanoes in Argentina, anyone???


David Ella's Blog

I couldnt agree with you more!!!

Boat Captains License

Thanks for the head's up on this. My friends and I are planning a trip to Latin America. While we are still up in the air about what we want to do, I will pass this along to them just in case someone had the idea of using a backpacker boat.

learn how to sail

I know that It's a most popular place. Also I know that,there pic of the West Holandes anchorage in Panama's San Blas islands, is a view of different vessels that serve this subset of the adventure travel population. I will go there again very soon.

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