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The last time we were in Ticul we shopped at Sr. Wilbur's archeological reproduction shop. Is he still there? How do we find the best of the ceramic artists reproducing Maya ceramics now in Ticul?
Thanks! B


Well, Barbara, I've looked all over our boat & cannot find the business cards I collected from the 3 artisans in the Ticul area. They must be stored onshore with the art we bought from them! Anyway, though, to answer your question, the best-recommended artisan in Ticul town is toward the northern end of town along Hwy. 184 (the Muna-Ticul highway). There are lots of artisans in that area so you'll have to take a peek into 2 of the largest shops, to find the good stuff. Rodrigo Martin Morales, who does excellent reproduction ceramic & stone sculptures, has a shop in Muna, a few miles north of Ticul; if you look at a road map of the area you'll see that the highways join to make a triangle around the town of Muna. Sr. Morales's shop is (if I recall correctly) at the NE corner of the highway triangle. His sister, Patricia Martin Morales, is also an outstanding ceramicist who has done reproductions for some of the regional archaeological museums. She is also based in Muna, near the center of town and off a small square among a few other artisan shops. When we were there she had recently relocated her studio across the street from her previous place. You can read more about them at Yucatan Living, http://www.yucatanliving.com/destinations/mayan-artistry-along-the-ruta-puuc.htm. Enjoy!


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